How to Start Planning for Your Wedding Day | wedding

So you have just got engaged, (congratulations), but where do you go from here how do you start to plan your wedding day? Your wedding day is one of the biggest, if not the biggest day of your life and planning it can be very stressful indeed but don’t worry in this article we will discuss how to get started and ways to help make planning your wedding less stressful and more fun.Depending on how far in advance you plan your wedding the more or less time you will have but for most couples in the nine to twelve months up until their wedding allot will have to happen. One of the first things is to announce the engagement to family and friends and to also select the wedding date. By setting the date as early as possible will give your guests a chance to make sure they can attend, wait to long and you may find that some people cannot rearrange their schedules or holidays to get to your wedding.The most traditional way to do this is to ‘save the dates’ which is just a nice way of letting your friends and relatives know that they should plan to keep the date free. Your save the dates does not have to be one date, many couples think that the date has to be set before they send them out and often leave it to late, if you have two dates and have not yet decided just request that they keep both dates free. Once you decided you can then let them know. The save the dates can be done in traditional wedding stationary, via email or via Twitter or Facebook.

Now we have our guests on standby and the date set now come the really fun bit, planning the day itself. Before starting this its important to set a budget for your day. Whether your budget is high or low its best to have some idea in mind of what you want to spend. Wedding are expensive but without fail almost every bride and groom in the world has ended up spending more then they wanted to on some part of their wedding. I honestly cannot stress enough how important this step is as it is incredibly easy to overspend on something and end up having no money left for important items.Now we have our budget set its time to start getting into the details. Choosing the right theme for your day, and the location and often the next steps. Your theme will effect allot of your other choices and your location should be set as far in advance as possible to avoid losing out on that perfect venue because its already booked for another wedding.The next details can be done in almost any order you like but I would suggest sitting down and setting up a checklist. A checklist can help you ensure you don’t forget that important item. You have lots to think about and its easy to miss something and leave it to the last minute which can cause big stress.As each wedding is unique but most will need you to select the best man, maid of honor, bridesmaids, ushers and other important wedding positions. In line with your theme and the time of year of your wedding appropriate attire should be selected and organized.As you draw closer to the event you will have to ensure you have planned out the companies you will be using. Caterers, photographers, videographers, florists, musicians, wedding cake bakers and cars all need to be booked. Leaving one to late may cause you to have to compromise on which company you use and getting each one of these right will make or break your wedding.You should take some time before the wedding to book up your honeymoon so that it falls nicely in line with your wedding and so that you can ensure everything is set. Remember to check your passports and documents are all in date and good to go as if you do need to apply for any documents it can take some time to get these sorted. One thing that is also important to remember is to ensure you book the right names. To travel abroad your ticket name must be in the same name as your passport, as you will likely not have your new passport with your new surname the tickets must have your pre-marriage surname.

Closer to the events all the guests most be prepped for the day, invites should be sent out and a gift registry should be created. Ensuring your guests are all aware of the date, schedule, dress code, theme and what gifts you would like will mean that on your day you can relax and not have to worry about your guests as much.Depending on your type of wedding and budget some couples have a dress rehearsal to ensure that all your main guests and those involved with the wedding know how the day will go. This step takes allot of the nerves away as you know whats coming and just concentrate on the day itself.If by this point you have not, this would be the best time to get all the physical items ready like the rings, favors, gifts for the wedding party and parents.The final thing to ensure to ensure that all the booking are made and set for the correct date, take a day to ring round and check, taking this time means that you know that everything is set and do not have to worry about it later or worse on the day!You may want to ensure that your guests all have planned their accommodations and are all aware of the time your wedding starts.If you follow everything in this guide you will be able to keep stress down and get everything ready for your special day.